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Choose a Gym Membership at Our Health Club in Edinburgh

At Energize Health & Fitness, we are more than just a fitness club. That’s why our comprehensive range of gym and health club memberships include a wide array of classes and courses to help you achieve your fitness goals. Based in Edinburgh, we take pride in the high-quality of our facilities and customer services. We also offer Pay As You Use rates for non-members. Get in touch today for further details.

There is a £30 admin fee inclusive of the 1st month's payment. This helps us continue to provide free Personal Training services through Energizer and ensures we keep the monthly memberships at the lowest possible rates

Why Join Us?

There are various advantages to going to the gym regularly. Remember, just 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can help you keep in great shape and make you more productive. Regular moderate exercise can actually enhance your energy, vitality and reduce body fat. At Energize Health & Fitness, we understand the benefits of keeping active, and we provide first-class facilities and expert advice to help you on your fitness journey.

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Refer a Friend

Did you know you are 70% more likely to achieve your health and fitness goals by training with a friend or family member? It’s not only a more social way of working out, but it also keeps you motivated and makes you push yourself a little harder.

If you want to bring a friend to Energize Health & Fitness for the first time, they can try us for free and if they join, we’ll provide reduced membership rates for you for every month they remain a member. Every referred new joiner will give you another £5 off your monthly membership, which means with just a few recruits, you can have your membership completely FREE!

Back to School

Back to School Fitness Offer

Ready to hit the gym again now that the kids are back at school? Save 30% on your Energize membership when you join this month. Please follow the link below for further details.

Free Trial

One-Day Free Trial

If you want to try our health club for the first time, come and have a free one-day trial on us. Click the link below to reserve your one-day pass.

Affordable Gym Memberships

Offering one-day trials and referral rates, our gym and health club memberships cover all your needs.

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